Aclaira has executed a license agreement with its partners Rotreat and Deknomet. This is a key step in its development that opens the Indian market!

Founded in 1993, Rotreat is the leader in the design and improvement of reverse osmosis RCDT (Radial Channel Disc Tube) modules.


Based in Navi Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, Deknomet is a specialist in water treatment as well as municipal and industrial effluents. It manufactures Rotreat RCDT modules for the Indian market.


The association of the three partners gives the opportunity to introduce aclaira® P technology in India. The need for good and safe drinking water is indeed still huge, both in the popular neighbourhoods of large cities and in the countryside.



Mass producing locally the units enables to achieve economies of scale and meet market specificities


Long life and prosperity to Aclaira-Rotreat-Deknomet license!
Aclaira® Licence in India