Technologie, Réalisation Eau, TEREAU Sarl President


Aclaira Partner In Senegal

Professor Courfia Diawara, Ziguenchor university Rector, founded “TECHNOLOGIE REALISATION EAU, TEREAU Sarl” in 2009.

Courfia and his team have established Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis treatment feasibility and cost effectiveness to purify borehole water from its excess of fluoride and salt. The TEREAU team consists of dynamic young people that are graduates of the university. They are committed to make Senegal and the whole region benefit from advanced technologies water treatment, adapted to local conditions and needs.

Saidou Nourou Diop, TEREAU Technical Director, has a PhD in Chemistry, Microbiology and wrote the thesis “Nanofiltration and adsorption on clay for partial elimination of fluoride and salt in ground water of the Groundnut Basin”.

TEREAU references comprise installing and maintaining 12 water treatment and sales kiosks in Senegal. Aclaira and TEREAU have created the “CLAIREAU” joint venture in 2015 to significantly increase the number of communities benefiting from supply of safe drinking water.