Pourquoi Aclaira

Treatment solutions for remote communities

Aclaira has developed solutions for remote communities based on the following observations:

  • Water is scarce and its quality is most of the time very mediocre
  • Changes in the raw water quality (rainy and dry seasons, floods,) make conventional treatment extremely difficult to operate or even ineffective when toxic chemicals contaminate water.
  • It is difficult to train or maintain a team – in each community – that can master conventional treatment over the long run and also manage all situations of degraded water quality.
  • For the contaminants present in the water, the right absolute barrier can be provided: membrane filtration for microbes and suspended solids, reverse osmosis or nano-filtration for dissolved contaminants.
  • The absolute barrier of the Membrane is a key feature that eases unit operation and improves quality of the water passing through the membrane. Efforts must therefore solely focus on periodical cleaning of the membranes through effective design, maintenance and operation. We can perform chemical cleanings safely, efficiently, manually and cost effectively in units designed on purpose.


Aclaira P Two families of units to cover needs for drinking water treatment

Aclaira has developed two families of units: Aclaira® C membrane filtration units for treating surface water; Aclaira® P low pressure reverse osmosis units for treating borehole water contaminated with chemicals (fluorides, arsenic, nitrates, excess of sodium chloride…).

These units have the following features in common :

  • Total modularity thanks to identical equipment and components regardless of capacity (eg. modules, pumps, valves, controllers, etc.). This design enables low cost manufacturing. Moreover, it simplifies logistics and supply of spare parts.
  • The chemical cleaning of the membranes is based on very simple manual procedures. The cleaning can be performed at a frequency depending on the raw water quality. The design also reduces manufacturing costs, and allows for varying water qualities. This also makes it easier to operate the unit for the teams and allows them to take remedial actions.
  • The Heart of Aclaira® units is the membrane modules. They are selected from the most reputable suppliers for their quality, reliability and ruggedness: Pall DT, Microza or BASF Inge modules.


Water Treatment Solutions for Emergency Situation

Raisons Aclaira

In emergency situations (disasters, refugee crisis,…) the Aclaira® C and Aclaira® P units can be installed in series in a few hours to supply safe drinking water to populations.