Aclaira masters drinking water treatment thanks to a comprehensive offer


The drinking water distribution kiosk is Aclaira’s heart. Such kiosks intimately link community and technology in the field of drinking water. These kiosks not only offer 100% pure water but also offer community life, shopping opportunities as well as jobs since local trained people manage them. Each kiosk is built around the drinking water treatment unit(s) of choice adapted to the local conditions – surface or borehole raw water – in order to supply the best possible water quality.


This unit is designed to meet all drinking water needs. It is easily scalable to various population densities.
This unit can remove contaminants such as fluoride, arsenic, salt, water colour from borehole water… It is easily scalable to various population densities.
This autonomous emergency unit can produce drinking water from any kind of raw water. The unit is built into a standard container, and easily commissioned for different types of humanitarian crisis and response.

Solutions de potabilisation de l'eau

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